Thank you for your interest in Friends Child Care Center. It is our pleasure to serve the community with the provision of high quality early childhood education in a safe, warm, nurturing environment. Our Center was founded in 1978 by Quaker organizations within the Friends Center complex. This founding gives us our unique Quaker roots. With that being said, Quaker values transform learning environments for all age groups. Peace, equality, and acceptance are echoed in adult and child interactions, programming and community engagement experiences.

My tenure at FCCC began in 1990 as a pre-service teacher. I was fortunate to encounter such a dynamic program! I went on to team teach at another program working with children with special needs for three years. Subsequently, I returned to Friends Child Care Center with a broadened scope and understanding of child development and an even stronger conviction that early learning experiences for children are invaluable and necessary for later in life success.  My three daughters have benefited intellectually and socially, in monumental ways, from their early learning experiences here at FCCC. My husband and I are eternally grateful, as Friends values are very similar to our parenting and family values; this gave us a feeling of comfort and facilitated a parenting partnership we would not have experienced elsewhere.

FCCC has a staff of creative, knowledgeable individuals from diverse backgrounds who are phenomenal! More than half of our teachers have been employed by us for more than 10 years and possess a Child Development Associate credential or degree in early childhood. We invest in our staff by providing generous benefits packages, competitive salaries, annual merit based bonuses, opportunities for professional growth and fostering a healthy workplace environment.

Our school also offers dynamic cultural arts programming throughout the year, including weekly dance, music and Spanish classes. In addition, teachers make good use of our Center City Philadelphia location and plan visits to area children’s theaters and museums as part of classroom curricula.

Parents are always welcomed as we are partners in caring for your children. We invite you to share ideas, give feedback and get involved through volunteerism and participation in school events. Family potlucks, community celebrations and fundraising involvement are just a few ways in which families can contribute.

It is my sincere hope that your FCCC experience will be as rewarding to you and your family as it has been for countless other families including my own.

Warmest regards,



Director of Friends Childcare Center