Puddle Jumpers Goals

Two year olds learn and grow in many exciting ways.  During the year, your child will increasingly become independent as he/she learns to use the toilet and do things “all by myself.”  Your child will become more verbal and consequently, more social.  Your child will also become more self-aware as he/she learns that he/she is a separate and unique person with his/her own feelings and needs.

Puddle Jumpers Staff


Lea Ramuno

Hi!  My name is Lea Ramuno.  I am a full time toddler assistant teacher at FCCC.  I attended Community College of Philadelphia and received my Associate’s Degree in ECE.  Before working in a center, I gained some experience for a few years by babysitting part time while I was in school.  I also worked in another center to do my practicum and worked in a hands-on atmosphere with the children at the center.  I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher.  At FCCC, my team recognizes and values the importance of early childhood education.

I enjoy watching the children grow and develop throughout the years.


Zakiyah Williamston

Hi, my name is Zakiyah Williamston. Since 2006, I have been an Assistant Teacher, and I also have my Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. I love teaching children on an everyday basis. Being a Puddle Jumper Teacher has been awesome. I love and treat the children as if they were my own.

Kenyetta Riley


Brenda Charity

Hello my name is Brenda Charity and I started working here at friends april 16th. I am currently in the puddle jumpers classroom as a teacher aide. I have three children who are all big kids now ages 12,11, and 9 but I love babies and toddlers. Which led me to attend College Community College of Philadelphia for a degree in early childhood education. I currently have one more semester of classes in the spring to receive my associate degree. I am so excites to have the opportunity to do something I love and enjoy.


Puddle Jumpers Welcome Letter

Welcome To The Puddle Jumpers

Puddle Jumpers Lesson Plans

September 2018

PJ Lesson Plan- 9-4-18

PJ Lesson Plan 9-18-18

October Lesson Plans

PJ October Lesson Plan-Week 2

PJ October Lesson Plan- Week 3




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