Susan Grimes

Hello! My name is Susan Grimes, and I am the Lead Teacher in the Quad’s classroom. I have been educating young children since January 2008, and joined FCCC in March 2010. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary/Early Childhood Education from Temple University. Teaching has always been an aspiration of mine, since I was a child. I feel great when I see the children reaching important milestones throughout the year. Watching children learn and grow always puts a smile on my face!

Teresa Quillen

I’ve worked at the child care center for 16 years. My tenure began in a subbing capacity and very quickly moved into a full time teaching position with preschool aged children. I love the kids and what I do. It is a pleasure to come to work every day. A few things I value about our school are the diversity and center city location which makes museums and theaters accessible by foot. Most important to me is the warmth and community of friends one quickly adapts to whether you are staff, parent or child. I fully plan to retire from FCCC grateful for the experience.

Kiyana Leonard

My name is Kiyana Leonard. I am a fun, loving energetic 21 year old, born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 2010, I graduated from Evelyn Graves Christian Academy at the top of my class. During high school, to gain experience working in the child care field, I volunteered to work at a licensed family day care and shortly after graduating I landed a job at a licensed group center working as an assistant in the infant/toddler classroom. While I was working there, I was given the opportunity to attend CDA classes, it was then I realized I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. In the fall of this year, I will be attending the Community College of Philadelphia working towards an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.

Bjay Harkins

I have worked at Friends Child Care since 1997. I currently work in the Triangle Classroom but also enjoy running our Summer Camp program. I have experience with all age groups. My experience working here at FCCC has taught me to appreciate how children grow and develop and has expanded my knowledge in these areas. Working here keeps me young at heart.

Mashea (Missy) Banks

I started my career at FCCC in June of 1999 as a sub. I began working part time in the Puddle Jumper classroom. While working in the Puddle Jumpers, I decided to further my Early Childhood Education, by attending classes to receive my Child Development Associate. I became a full time employee and began working in the Triangle class for a few years. I am currently working in the Quads Classroom as an Assistant Teacher.